We’ve only got a few weeks left as a family of three. This seems to be taking a long time to me; I’m sure Brett feels similarly. Hannah probably thinks this whole thing is weird because we’ve been talking about it for as long as she can remember but there is still no baby.
I thought a visual countdown might help us stay motivated. Time to make a chain. This was a great way to use up some scrapbook paper scraps that had been lying around a while. It even turned into a mommy-daughter project when I realized the cool paper cutter thing I have is fairly child safe.

I made enough rings to go through 42 weeks. So I know the length of the chain is the maximum number of days left. We’ll have a baby before we use up the chain, whew.

Every morning at breakfast, Hannah takes off a ring. The chain is already shorter than when I took that picture, wow!

Our growing girls

Today was the first day of Hannah’s second year of preschool. She has been asking all summer, “Is school open yet? Can we go to school today?” Finally, the day was here! Last week, we were able to visit her new classroom and meet her new teachers. We loved her sweet teachers last year, so it was a little sad to not see them again. But Hannah’s new teachers, Miss Beth and Miss Shannon, seem great as well, and we’re looking forward to the next year!

First day – almost 3!

This one just cracked me up

Our two growing girls – almost 36 weeks

Hannah told us she didn’t do anything at school today and didn’t have any fun. But at 6:15 tonight, she announced she was ready for bed. At 6:30, she was tucked in and has been quiet ever since which is two hours earlier than she often falls asleep. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean she’ll be up at 5am.