Our growing girls

Today was the first day of Hannah’s second year of preschool. She has been asking all summer, “Is school open yet? Can we go to school today?” Finally, the day was here! Last week, we were able to visit her new classroom and meet her new teachers. We loved her sweet teachers last year, so it was a little sad to not see them again. But Hannah’s new teachers, Miss Beth and Miss Shannon, seem great as well, and we’re looking forward to the next year!

First day – almost 3!

This one just cracked me up

Our two growing girls – almost 36 weeks

Hannah told us she didn’t do anything at school today and didn’t have any fun. But at 6:15 tonight, she announced she was ready for bed. At 6:30, she was tucked in and has been quiet ever since which is two hours earlier than she often falls asleep. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean she’ll be up at 5am.

4 thoughts on “Our growing girls

  1. You look wonderful!!! And when did our kids get so big? Or old, rather. The word big only really applies to Hannah, not Finn :) Yay for preschool and for some relaxation for mama before baby arrives!! <3

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