First dentist trip

At my last dentist appointment in January, I talked with the dentist, Dr. Evans, and hygienist about the possibility of bringing Hannah in sometime. We decided to set an appointment for July and just see what she was comfortable with. They said that 2-yr-olds typically ride up and down in the chair and sometimes will cooperate and open their mouths. This isn’t a big deal since regular dental visits aren’t recommended until age four.
So we took Hannah in; she got to see Brett get his teeth cleaned. Then it was her turn.
She did awesome! Sitting on Brett’s lap, she let the hygienist do a complete cleaning (with chocolate toothpaste!) and got an exam with Dr. Evans. They said she was one of the best-behaved 2-yr-olds they’d ever had. They said her teeth look great, and she thought the whole thing was very exciting. Next appointment in six months – our big girl!


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