Date with Daddy

The church where Hannah goes to preschool was hosting a Daddy-Daughter dance, so Brett and Hannah put on their fancy clothes and headed out on a date.

They were only there for 45 minutes, but with a toddler attention span, a lot gets squeezed in a short amount of time – pictures taken, cookies eaten, pink punch, and of course dancing.

Hannah was thrilled with the whole experience. I think we’re going to make this an annual event.

Baking bread

Yeast scares me. It intimidates me with its bubbling and kneading and rising. So far, I have only tackled a couple yeast recipes – pizza crust and an easy focaccia. Recently, I wanted something to add to a pasta dinner and decided to be brave and try a French bread recipe that my mom made a lot, from the More-with-Less cookbook.

I’m not writing this as a bread tutorial, just to share some pictures of Hannah and I tackling the project together. She was a very willing helper and wanted to carry around her piece of dough for the whole day.



Silly face

Sorry I didn’t get any of the finished product, but it was good! The recipe makes a lot, so I got several meals out of it. We ate it in nice warm slices, then I made garlic toast, then I made french toast, then I made French bread pizza. Quite a bit of work and time (in my opinion), but lots of payoff!

Texas winters

Seasons in Austin are different. Summer is long and hot. Fall lasts a couple weeks, but the trees either stay green or just go to brown. Winter could be anything. Usually, it’s mild and pleasant. Every couple of years, there’s some random snow or ice. This year, it seems like spring has already hit. Yesterday, it was almost 80. Here’s what it was like a year ago:

That was the most snow we’ve seen in our seven winters here. This year, we’ve been playing outside almost every day, usually without a jacket. Great for working off toddler energy. I wouldn’t mind a hard freeze to kill off some bugs, but, for the most part, this works for me!