Texas winters

Seasons in Austin are different. Summer is long and hot. Fall lasts a couple weeks, but the trees either stay green or just go to brown. Winter could be anything. Usually, it’s mild and pleasant. Every couple of years, there’s some random snow or ice. This year, it seems like spring has already hit. Yesterday, it was almost 80. Here’s what it was like a year ago:

That was the most snow we’ve seen in our seven winters here. This year, we’ve been playing outside almost every day, usually without a jacket. Great for working off toddler energy. I wouldn’t mind a hard freeze to kill off some bugs, but, for the most part, this works for me!

2 thoughts on “Texas winters

  1. This evening I walked the dog while wearing a tank top and shorts… still kind of weirds me out, but I’m really enjoying it :)

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