Jim Gaffigan in the Flesh, the Pale, Pale Flesh

Five months ago, we used some of our “Christmas money” and bought tickets to see Jim Gaffigan. He’s our favorite comedian, and if you’re not familiar with him, just look him up on YouTube. I logged on soon after the ticket sales went live, and I was able to get eleventh-row seats. (If he’s not in your area or you don’t want to splurge on tickets, this is for you)

Then the wait. I honestly almost forgot about the whole thing until July as I glanced ahead in the calendar to August. Jim Gaffigan! The excitement came again. In such an instant gratification-driven culture, the waves of anticipation have been fun. 

Some friends also got tickets, so we met for dinner – Thai chicken pizza at CPK, yummmm – then carpooled to the amphitheater. And thanks to my very pregnant friend, we were able to be dropped off right by the entrance. 

No pictures of the actual show because very pale guys don’t photograph well under stage lights. But we laughed until we had tears (didn’t think of bringing Kleenex to a comedy show) and told each other “Merry Christmas!” 

Jim Gaffigan live. Now crossed off the bucket list. 

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