3 ways to get your Jim Gaffigan fix and still afford Hot Pockets


I don’t remember how we got started, but we were hooked. Hooked on Jim Gaffigan. I’m not a big fan of stand-up comedians as their unoriginal bits are full of profanity, spouse-bashing and explicit sexual content. I like my comedy a little more relatable and with a better vocabulary.

Jim Gaffigan has five kids and lives in NYC in a small apartment with his wife who is also his co-writer and producer. We’ve enjoyed watching clips of him over the years, and seeing one of his live shows went on our bucket list.

Today I jumped on the presale for his Kansas City show in August, and we’ve got tickets, woohoo! They were pricy, not gonna lie – $70 each plus an obscene processing fee. We hardly ever go to things requiring tickets; free band concerts in the park are much more our speed. So this is a big deal, and we’ve got good seats.

This has been something we’ve been wanting to do for years, so we’ve had to get our Jim Gaffigan fix in other ways. Here are three ways to enjoy some good comedy and still afford the infamous Hot Pockets:

1. Netflix – Two of his shows, “Mr. Universe” and “Beyond the Pale,” are on Netflix, so add those to your queue.

2. His website – under “Specials,” you can download videos of two of his shows (the same two on Netflix), over an hour each, for $5 each.

3. Audio book via audible.com – this is my BEST tip. Gaffigan has written two books and reads them himself for the audio version. These are pricy, $22-25. But here’s what we did: with a free trial membership of audible.com, you get a book download. Score! So you can get 7 hours and 17 minutes of Jim Gaffigan for FREE with Food: A Love Story or 5 hours and 26 minutes of Gaffiganny goodness FREE with Dad Is Fat (our pick). You can immediately cancel the trial membership, and you still get to keep the audio book.

So while we’re waiting the one hundred and fifty-some days to see Jim Gaffigan sweat live in the Kansas August heat, we’ll laugh with some Netflix and finish Dad Is Fat.

1 thought on “3 ways to get your Jim Gaffigan fix and still afford Hot Pockets

  1. I am SO jealous!!! We are also fans and have looked into shows, but they are never close to us. I think it’s okay to splurge on special dates…especially because they only happen once every 10 years (at least for us). Hope you enjoy the show!

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