Fresh Ideas for Fresh Humans

fresh humans

In the last couple of years, I’ve been asked several times for ideas of baby gifts for others. Specifically for things that are useful but may not be thought of by the typical first-time mom.

I don’t have to think too hard, because it really wasn’t that long since I was a new mom, and there are definitely a few items that stand out. I didn’t know about them or think of them when Hannah was born, but I consider them necessities now. And all under $30!


Muslin blankets

These are super handy! A few uses: covering a car seat or stroller to block sun, swaddler, nursing cover, lightweight summer blanket, and later, for a toddler, a cape! ;) These particular ones are from a higher-end brand that has a Target line. Price range: $23-35 for four


Outdoor swing

We received one of these as a gift when Hannah was a baby, and it has gotten many hours of use over the years with many more to come. This is a great gift as it is probably not on the registry but would be used a lot. Easy outdoor fun! Price range: $22-30 (though I recommend the Fisher Price brand specifically as some other brands have difficult buckles)


Small high chair

We started out with a “real” high chair but decided it was too big and too hard to clean. We got one of these after seeing a friend with them, and we were hooked. They are small and lightweight, and they hook onto a regular chair so they are easy to move on and off for guests as well as use for travel. We have two, one for the dining table and one in the car for travel. Price: $25

Some of my other favorite baby items (with higher price tags):

Ergo baby carrier – another necessity for me. Pricy but well-made and easy for dads to use, too! I’ve used it for shopping, hiking and to be hands-free while doing housework. Price: $120

Portable swing (similar to this) – great for the first few months, especially if you’ll be traveling. Doesn’t take up much space and is much cheaper than the big fancy swings. Price: $50

Diaper Dekor Plus – the best diaper pail ever. It’s not glamorous as a baby shower gift, but this thing is awesome. Easy to use, easy to change, keeps the smell in. Price: $50

We’ve had the above items for all three girls, and they are well-made and well-used. Great for new and not-so-new moms!

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