Milestone – #100

This is my 100th post here on Life on Olive Street. Five months in and I’m glad I made it this far. It’s a fun way to keep everyone updated about our family, and I like posting and photographing recipes I try.

So while I’m fairly sure that only about 12 people actually read this blog, it’s a lot of fun on my end to document some of our daily life and share our adventures. Some unexpected things turn out to be the most popular. For example, the top post on here is Happy Father’s Day in which Hannah had a meltdown over crushed Oreos. It is also the most commented-on post. It was a moment that Brett and I could have laughed over for a while ourselves, but since I grabbed the camera and published it in the blogosphere, we got to share it and hopefully bring a smile to a lot of other people.

So, thanks for reading! Here’s to the next 100. And stay tuned for a new look.

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