Visit from Grandpa Dean

Hannah had a blast with her Grandpa Dean for the last few days. It was fun from the moment he pulled up in his turquoise Nissan Cube rental car. Every day, Hannah begged to go drive it.

(it’s hard to take good pictures in the dark with a phone)

My dad tackled some of the household projects we’ve had on the to-do list, and we ate out at some of our favorite spots like Torchy’s Tacos and Moonshine. We also went to Hannah’s favorite spot, Chick-fil-A. We went to the Nature Center, ran fun errands together and wrapped up the time with a Fall Festival at the church where Hannah goes to preschool. The highlight of the festival was definitely the pony rides.

As soon as she saw the horses, it was all she wanted to do. She was quite comfortable riding the pony and was very upset when she had to get off. The rest of the time she was begging for more. Later in the evening, we were going to let her do it again but noticed the line had gotten really long. We decided to give it a shot and were so impressed when she waited in the line for 15 minutes for her turn! She really wanted to ride those horses again. :)

So it was a fun time having my dad here, and now Hannah keeps asking, “Grampa back?”

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