Halloween ups and downs

This is Hannah’s third Halloween but the first she has a vague idea of what’s going on. Her preschool did a Pajama Day today, and she got to wear what she calls her “bone jammas.”

I took this picture later in the day when we were at the park. This was the moment she saw Cody coming, and she was so happy. :)

The day before, we introduced the idea of trick-or-treating by saying that neighbors would be coming to our house and we would share pretzels with them. She got really excited about this. Unfortunately, on Halloween night we had to wait a while before anyone actually came to the door, and it ended up being some teenagers drenched in fake blood. That made Hannah much less enthusiastic about the doorbell ringing. Some little kids came later and got a much better reaction.

(backing up – we tried to dress her up as a fairy, but she thought I said “prairie dog” and refused to keep the wings on, I didn’t even get a picture)

She seemed very confused and overwhelmed by everything, so we decided that going out ourselves was definitely not a good plan. We had four or five groups come to the door in an hour, then it was her bedtime and we turned our light off.

So Halloween got a mixed reaction, but Hannah is very excited about fall in general. She is a big fan of pumpkins, and we are all enjoying the pleasant weather.

Happy Fall!

2 thoughts on “Halloween ups and downs

  1. Ah, yes, the scary costumes were not a big hit with Finn either. He did, however, give about 10 pieces to the teenage girl who was dressed up as little red riding hood. Go figure ;)

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