Happy Father’s Day

I planned a special Father’s Day dessert for tonight – it involves peanut butter and chocolate, Brett’s favorite pairing. I made it this morning and thought it would be fun to share the cooking tasks. While I mixed some other ingredients, I gave Hannah the job of crushing the Oreos for the crust. We put some cookies in a bag and got some cans for the smashing. I thought this would be fun for her; Brett modeled the technique.

Then it went downhill really fast. Apparently, Hannah did not grasp the concept of crushing the Oreos for a purpose – all she knew is that there were perfectly good cookies in the bag and Daddy was smashing them into inedible bits. She started crying and trying to grab the bag away from him. He continued crushing. She continued freaking out.

You would have thought we were crushing kittens the way she was carrying on. I think she was a little traumatized. When the ordeal was over, we showed her that Daddy had not destroyed all of the cookies, and there were still plenty to eat.

So Happy Father’s Day, Brett! Sorry for creating unexpected drama – I was trying to make a fun family cooking activity, instead I made your daughter think you are an evil cookie-destroyer.

7 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. oooh!! yummy bag of cookies just for me! oh, hi, daddy. what’s that can for? i just love coo-NOOOOOOO!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! No no NONONONO! YOU”RE HURTING THEM! HOW COULD YOU-OH! COOKIES!!! NOOOOOOO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  2. oh my goodness this made me laugh so hard!!! You got the best picture of the story. Sorry to be a blog stalker…but I LOVE your blog. I’m trying your enchiladas this week!

  3. Oy my goodness!!! I loved this… could not stop laughing – people in my office are looking at me funny :) I can’t wait to meet Hannah! (By the way – Finn would probably be wanting to stomp on the cookies for you).

  4. Little girls are tender hearted and feel badly for those poor cookies (and have the forethought that the cookies are presumably not in an edible condition). Little boys would be energized by the aspect of demolition and just might try pounding other things with cans to see what happens.

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