Uno, dos, tres and the year in review

Welcome, Cora Rose! She came after just four hours of labor, a couple days before her due date. The big sisters (and the whole family) are in love.


It has been quite a year. I started with the physical challenge of training for a 5k. In the time period of training, there were emotional ups and downs as I experienced the first loss of a grandparent and celebrated a new pregnancy just weeks later.

Over the summer, our idea of moving closer to family became a reality as Brett got a job in Kansas City, and I had a whirlwind day of solo house hunting. Then we sold our house in Austin in an incredible market. Then lots of goodbyes.


Throw in ballet lessons, a Colorado trip, serious extended family health issues, physical therapy, moving while in the third trimester of pregnancy… It has been quite a year. A wonderful, incredible year. Not an easy year, at all. But a year of NEW.


We end the year as Kansans. Approaching our 10th anniversary with three kids. With the holiday hangover and a new baby, we’re in serious survival mode over here. But one day at a time. We have people from my MOPS group bringing us meals. People I haven’t even met yet are cooking delicious food for us. I am so thankful for the community we have found, old friends and new.

2014 – wow, you brought us a new baby and a new state. And we are so grateful for both. Now let’s hope 2015 is a little bit quieter. ;)

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