Mom on the Run: 5K done!

Four and a half months of training led up to my race last Sunday, the Daisy 5K, the longest-running race in Austin. I’ve had an amazing season with the running group, and there is no way I would have made it without them.


Before the race, not sweaty.

It was exciting to register for the race and get my number bib! Felt like a real runner. I’ve been to lots of races as the cross country manager in college, but this was my first when I was the one running. Eeeeek!
Luckily, I had a cheerleader who was almost as excited as I was.


We lined up at the start. There were about 120 runners, so it wasn’t an overwhelming mass. Then we were off!


If you’re not familiar with race distances, a 5K is 3.1 miles. For me, that’s a long ways. My goal was pretty much to just finish, preferably under 40 minutes. It felt really long because the runners seemed to separate a lot, and I was running most of the course with no one very near me.

When I came around the last bend, I was so tired. But my coaches came alongside me and pumped me up for the final stretch. I love this picture because you can see them next to me, encouraging me to the end!


I wasn’t sure I’d want to do another race once I’d met my goal of completing this one, but since I was 20 seconds over my goal of 40 minutes, I’ve definitely had a sense of self-competition and wanting to beat my time. As it is, I really am pretty proud of myself – I ran for 40 minutes!


I’m super thankful for my coaches Christy and Li who always believed in me (even though that sounds super sappy) and pushed the stroller in practice a lot of the time.


And my family cheer team.


Violet is wearing a special shirt featuring my “running motto” that Christy gave to me as a prize for completing the most weekly nutritional challenges. Violet definitely did “run happy”, or at least ride in the stroller happy.


So cute!

After the race, there were the less glamorous parts of being a “mom on the run.” Yep, diaper changes in the back of the van.


I could do a whole post on what I learned from running, but at the rate I get around to blogging any more, I should probably just summarize here, haha. Mostly, the experience reminded me that I can do hard things, and if I stick with them I get better. And hard things are easier when you have great people to work with.

We used the race in our announcement…


Next baby coming in December! So my next 5K will wait for a while, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be out there again. All the hard training runs, everything was worth it for the feeling I got when I finished that race.

1 thought on “Mom on the Run: 5K done!

  1. What a great article! It really provides a wonderful overview of your training and running experience – obviously your coaches are very special ladies. How sweet that they ran alongside you to encourage you toward the finish line! I LOVE Violet’s little shirt, and Hannah looks so official in her cheerleader outfit. Yes, you CAN do hard things!!!

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