Pregnancy update – sisters, prep and the comments

As of today, we’ve got four weeks until the due date. The countdown numbers are in the 20’s. This is when it starts to get real.

Baby things are starting to appear! I’m unpacking the tiny clothes and stocking up when I see diaper sales. My parents graciously offered to paint the baby’s room which was previously a yucky yellow – not just the walls, the guy also painted the trim and doors.


We picked a very light blue, and I think it turned out really well! I’m not one to get too theme-y, but when the room is done you’ll see various things with animals to go along with a Noah’s ark quilt that was cross-stitched by my mother-in-law. Should be cute!

And yes, we picked a light blue wall color which to some apparently means we secretly wanted a boy. And several people have already commented that we must keep trying after this one to get a boy. So I’d just like to put in writing that we (yes, we, Brett and I) are delighted to have three girls! (Brett suggested that here I insert a Jane Austen-ish comment about finding them all rich husbands…)

Here’s some girl fun – doing “princess make-up” on Halloween. :) Violet got some, too.


And they were gorgeous.


Hannah and Violet are soooo excited about the new baby. Hannah loves to kiss my belly and talk to the baby. Just things like, “Hello, baby, I love you sooooo much!” that might make a hormonal pregnant lady tear up just a bit. Violet offers different types of comments like “Baby make mommy’s belly button stick out.” and “Baby like cinnamon rolls.”

Lots of anticipation in the next few weeks! There are some good guesses over on The Name Game post. We’ve promised the girls that they will be the first to know the name after the baby is born, and we’ll happily fill in everyone else soon after. Soon soon soon!

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