The name game

We had a contest to guess boy or girl before our ultrasound with Violet. New game this time!

We chose a name for the new baby and revealed the first initial C with my necklace.


Since then, we’ve have several confident individuals either venture their guesses or declare that they know for sure but refuse to say it out loud (FYI, we don’t buy this tactic, Hannah uses it often). So we have the name game!

We’re currently 30 weeks along – starting to get into baby prep mode. Both Hannah and Violet have monogrammed Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn Kids, and this week the new one for the baby arrived (hopefully the baby arrives before Christmas does). So we are not bluffing, we have a name!


If you would like to share your guess, leave a comment below for official entry into the Name Game. We will not accept any guesses after the baby is born, anyone who swears they knew it all along will not be taken seriously. Put yourself out there now for internet fame! (or at least fame among the 15 people that read my blog, haha)

Contest will be open for the next 10ish weeks.

13 thoughts on “The name game

  1. Maybe you decided on a name that’s unusual around here. I’ll guess “Cerridwyn” which is Welsh meaning “fair poetess.” Don’t ask me how to pronounce it.

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