Sex! (got your attention)

We are nearing the midpoint of the pregnancy, and we are planning to finding out the sex of the baby. To share the fun, let’s make this interesting.

Gender guessing contest!

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post with your guess. Don’t put it off – just now through Sunday to keep it quick. After we find out, we’ll pick a name from those who guessed correctly. And the winner gets … a prize that is as yet a mystery, just like the baby’s anatomy.

It’s easy to leave a comment – do it!

21 thoughts on “Sex! (got your attention)

  1. You are making this hard!! I don’t know which direction a pencil swings if it is dangled over your wrist, which direction your head was facing when baby was conceived, or the shape of your stomach. These are vital details for making calculations.

    So, I am guessing boy, for no good reason at all.

  2. Hmmm….I have no inkling, or perhaps only a twinge of an inkling that it might be a girl for some random reason. However, I can’t help but pull for a boy since you already have a girl and I think it would be fun for any parent to experience the joys of both worlds (plus I love being a boy mom). So I’m going to vote for boy.

  3. how many times can we enter the contest? it’s a boy. boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy.

    now i’ve entered 20 times. did i win?

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