Our CSA adventure

Veggie adventures ahead! We got our first CSA basket last week. Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) works by getting a membership to a local farm – ours is Johnson’s Backyard Garden – and receiving a basket of fresh, organic veggies. We signed up to get a basket every two weeks.

We are excited about doing this because it combines a lot of the things we like about food – local, fresh, in-season ingredients and easy motivation to eat more vegetables. The farm offers recipes to go with the basket ingredients each week, so if a vegetable is new or a little weird then I’ll have some ideas of what to do with it.

Our first one had a lot of fun things in it (which Hannah couldn’t wait to check out):

Carrots, radishes, kale, rainbow chard, lettuce variety, an orange, beets, cilantro, basil and spring onions.

So our menu this week includes salad, Thai pesto noodles, kale chips, fresh veggies for snacking, and this dinner:

Roasted beets and carrots on quinoa with side of sautéed rainbow chard. I did a balsamic honey reduction to drizzle on the beets and carrots which was really good. The roasted beets and carrots were so naturally sweet that the acidity made a nice balance.

And I used a few of the spring onions for these, just for fun:

Baked vegetable egg rolls – yum! Eating more veggies is tasty! I’ll keep you posted with our future CSA box adventures.

3 thoughts on “Our CSA adventure

  1. oh my goodness! this looks amazing! and homemade spring rolls? are you crazy? invite me over next time. or make a how to video.

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