December Days 22 & 23: Adoption Day and sticker games

December 22 & 23: Four years ago was Hannah’s official adoption day. I did a blog post describing the process. Now, each year, we celebrate by having a special sweet treat and looking through the Adoption Day scrapbook I made.

I like having an open adoption for the same reasons I like not doing Santa: we don’t have to keep up any stories or avoid any questions. Just answer things truthfully as they come. After all, the truth, whether it is the amazing gift of adoption or the gifts lovingly chosen by your parents, is more wonderful than the charade.
We made two-ingredient fudge which is pretty tasty. After dinner, we drove past a house that features train sets in the Christmas decor.

It is tucked away on a cul-de-sac and wins the neighborhood award every year. It is truly fantastic. Three running train sets with sound effects!
Today was a pretty quiet day. Various preparations for Christmas. Hannah discovered a fun sister game called “take the sticker off my nose.”

This occupied them for quite a while with many giggles. Then we hit a cheesesteak restaurant for kids eat free night.
More excitement coming tomorrow!

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