Adoption day

Today is our second year anniversary of Hannah’s Adoption Day. The legal side of the adoption process is different than most people think. When you bring your daughter home from the hospital, even if both biological parents have signed the proper paperwork, that baby is not yet legally “yours.” In the state of Texas, you are legally that baby’s legal guardians for the first six months, then after a social worker visit and a court date, you are finally official parents.

In our case (back in 2009), our lawyer was somehow able to speed up the process and got us a court date after three months instead of six! Maybe the judge owed her a favor, I don’t know. To us, it wasn’t a big deal since mentally and emotionally we were already Hannah’s parents, no question. But we were excited to make it official.

We were so blessed that our closest friends were able to come share this important event with us. My sweet friend, Kay (of Kay Harmon Photography), documented the courtroom excitement, and here are a few of her pictures.

First, our lawyer, Denise, presented our case to the judge.

Then the judge said we are a family forever! And everybody clapped.

Then we went outside and took a picture. Most of our friends were from a lifegroup we were in at church several years ago. Of the people who came to our Adoption Day, three are now living in foreign countries and another family moved to Oregon. This is the last time we got to all be together. So special!

As you can see, Hannah has been hanging out with Abby and Lilly from a young age.

We had a party/lunch at our house afterwards. Hannah got to meet some of her third cousins.

It was an amazing day we will remember forever!

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