New skills, or not

Mommy, in the dining room, with the scissors.

There was a crime – against Hannah’s bangs. They were getting in her eyes, so I decided to be brave, borrow some hair scissors and take it on myself.

She sat still and I managed to get a fairly even line, but when I stepped back, I cringed. Instead of taking the 3/4 inch off that I was planning, I had somehow managed to chop almost two inches off.

I feel like an idiot. Luckily, she has no idea what just happened to her; she’s probably just happy she can see without hair in her eyes.

Her look reminds me a little of that chick from NCIS …


1 thought on “New skills, or not

  1. Did you cut them while wet or dry? Key to them is to cut them dry, because hair shrinks when it dries so cutting wet usually results in bangs that are too short. Luckily they will grow back. Finn has had his share of bad haircuts done by me ;)

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