December Day 21: Spying on Daddy and first ballet

December 21: Brett’s new office building is nearing comepletion, and he has started moving things over. The big official move is next weekend, but he has several things that need to go over sooner. This morning, he was setting up the server rack. It was a bummer for him to miss our usual Saturday pancake breakfast, but we got to check up on him.

“Dada! Dada! Dada!”
The security system is connected to the network, so Brett pulled up the camera in the server room on his iPad before he left. Then we were able to click on an app and check on Daddy. This was pretty exciting and kind of weird. We were also able to talk to him through the system. The girls loved to see him on the iPad, so it was a fun thing to try. Brett says it was a little weird to think of people watching him.
This evening, we had a big “first.” The ballet studio where Hannah and I take classes was doing a performance. The “baby classes” and the adult classes were not involved, so we were just spectators. Hannah picked out her fanciest dress and requested that I paint her nails before we go. I didn’t have the heart to tell her everyone else would be wearing jeans, including me, and she didn’t seem to notice.
I haven’t taken Hannah to anything that required extended quiet sitting since I took her to a wedding almost exactly a year ago (that was rough). There has been much growth in a year! She stayed in her chair and only whispered a couple times. Like when she saw the big girls en pointe and exclaimed, “Their toes!”
It’s exciting for me to see her gaining the maturity to enjoy special things like this. We made it through a 30-minute dance program, someday The Nutcracker!

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