As we are preparing for our upcoming Colorado trip, Brett has been doing some training for hiking. We borrowed a hiking backpack that Hannah can ride in. At first, she was hesitant of the new device and was not willing to be put inside. But just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down – I got out a cookie and told her that she could have it when she was sitting in the backpack. (bribery with sugar is not our normal parenting style, but I decided it was okay since hiking backpacks are only a short-term part of our life) This worked very well. She happily got in the backpack and munched on her cookie while Brett walked around the block a couple times.

So daily walks are now an easy thing, thanks to a little help from the cookies. Hannah is very excited about hiking and periodically during the day will grab the backpack and utter earnest pleas which clearly include “hiking,” “backpack,” “in! in!” and, yes, “cookie.”

4 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. we went on a hiking Colorado trip when Alison was about Hannah’s age…snacks were definitely our best friend. We also got her a little magnadoodle that worked wonders.

  2. Finn used to love the backpack, and now it is a struggle to get him inside (as you will see tomorrow). At least he’s happy once he’s in :) maybe we need to try cookies (although we use the backpack daily, so probably not good to introduce bribery). Can’t wait to see you. :)

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