Dinner tonight – Chicken with dijon mushroom sauce

This is an easy one that makes a weeknight feel more special. I mostly follow the original recipe, but I use a package of fresh sliced mushrooms instead of canned. And because of the additional mushrooms, I add more broth and dijon to make more yummy sauce. It only takes a little longer to let the fresh mushrooms saute, but I think it’s totally worth it over the canned ones.

We had a side of roasted broccoli which I’m still trying to perfect. Since it’s summer, I’m avoiding the oven and roasting in the toaster oven. Didn’t seem to work well with the broccoli.

I like this chicken recipe because it does not have a long list of ingredients, and most of them are things I already have on hand. The steps are not complicated, and the final plating of crispy golden chicken covered in mushroom sauce really elevates a weeknight dinner. If you are a mushroom fan, this is a must-try.

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