Splash time

This morning, Meghan and I tried out a fountain/splash pad area downtown. It’s easy to find, just turn in at Doherty Arts Center and park in the lot behind. Then look for the fountain.

We got there early in an attempt to beat the heat and some UV rays, and at 9am we were the only ones there. This was okay to start out, but it was fun when some other families came a little later. Next time we’ll bring more water toys; Hannah ended up playing with a plastic cup I had brought for snacks. We stayed for almost an hour, and it was a blast.

Today we deviated from the traditional swimsuit. Hannah is wearing a “rashguard” shirt which provides UV protection and dries quickly. We are also trying out a cloth swim diaper which comes in a colorful pattern and can be worn by itself. It’s a great combo – UV protective, modest, “green” and really cute!

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