Felt board craftiness

I recently needed a special birthday gift. I wanted something unique, fun, a little educational, and preferably not very expensive. Luckily, I’m willing to do a little work to meet all those goals and was able to present this handmade felt board to two happy two-year-olds.

To make the board, I followed the instructions on this post, though I used all hot glue and not staples. Then I just cut out shapes from several pieces of felt, some with pinking shears and others with regular straight scissors. I found the adorable printed ladybug felt at Hobby Lobby with the rest of the supplies and cut out several to be the stars of the project. Everything I bought totaled less than $12, and I have enough felt and ribbon left over that I could probably make two more.

The girls seemed to especially enjoy that they could put a piece on, then take it off, put it somewhere else, take it off, etc. unlike stickers that can only go in one place. They are also starting to name shapes and colors, so there’s a little educational practice snuck in. Project success!

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