Dinner tonight – Mini pizzas

Lunches are hard for me, especially with a toddler. I have to come up with something to feed myself and a little person. For some reason, this leaves me standing in front of the fridge scratching my head too many days. This was pointed out to me when I realized that every time I open the fridge, Hannah says, “Hmmmm…” Wonder where she learned that.

I knew that if I didn’t come up with some good, healthy, kid-friendly lunch options, I’d be very tempted to turn to some pre-packaged frozen foods for convenience’s sake. That’s when I expanded my repertoire for bulk-cooking and freezing. I’ve already shared my chicken nugget plan, today highlights my mini-pizzas.

Super easy, just whole wheat English muffins, sauce, and cheese for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. I made my own sauce by cooking canned crushed tomatoes, dried herbs, and grated zucchini. When they cooled, I just threw them in a large freezer bag, and they’re now ready to pull out whenever Hannah wants some pizza. Unfortunately, she was not in the pizza mood tonight and most of hers ended up on the floor. Sigh, I try not to take toddler eating habits too personally.

Brett and I also had mini pizzas for dinner, but we added pepperoni and didn’t throw any on the floor.

2 thoughts on “Dinner tonight – Mini pizzas

  1. LOVE all your ideas! I have tomatoes in my pantry right now for my attempt at homemade pizza sauce…Ben makes pizza once a week so I thought I’d give it a whirl. We have way too many peanut butter/honey sandwiches for lunch…
    p.s. I also LOVE your photography…have to say that I’m very jealous

    • Peanut butter scares me a bit, it requires such extensive cleanup.
      I got a new camera last year and went to a workshop to learn about the settings and stuff. I think I remembered about a tenth of what they said, but it helped a lot. Need to practice more though.

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