Group cooking – Chicken nuggets

My friend Meghan and I have something important in common – we’re recipe rogues.  We enjoy looking at recipes and then tweaking them based on what’s on hand, what’s affordable, what we think would taste better, or all of the above.

We also enjoy cooking together.  Today Meghan came up with chicken nuggets, a great kid-friendly food we planned to freeze and then pull out when needed for a quick lunch.  Using this Chicken Nuggets recipe as inspiration, we were able to produce several pans of delicious, homemade morsels of tastiness.  We will not be able to freeze any for the future because, um, they didn’t even make it 24 hours before being devoured.

You can also see the remains of the honey-mustard sauce Meghan whipped up.  This put them over the top!

There are several advantages to group cooking.  With more hands, we were able to finish some steps in half the time.  This balanced out the fact that our attention was also divided with the toddler supervision necessity.  The recipe rogue component – we soaked the chicken in buttermilk before coating in butter and breadcrumbs (homemade!) and left out the paprika (a generally useless ingredient in my opinion).

Definitely will be making these again and exercising more self-control to freeze a large quantity.  They are easy, delicious, and all-natural – far surpassing those processed Tyson things on every level.

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