Real life photography

Part of having a blog is turning little things into “events.” This morning I grabbed my camera to capture a little event.

We will be spending some time in Colorado this summer, and we are talking about the trip with Hannah so that maybe she’ll have some idea of what’s going on when it happens. This morning I went through our postcard collection to find any of “Rado” or any picture that included mountains.

10:39 AM: Setting them out on the coffee table, I let her look at the pictures.

10:40 AM: This was fun until Fern jumped up on the table and decided to sit right in front of the camera (she’s kind of a diva). My photo op wasn’t going as planned, but this is real life so I kept shooting. Also in this period of seconds, Hannah apparently got bored and found some crossword puzzle books and a pen.

10:41 AM: Hannah decided crossword puzzles were not a good activity due to her lack of knowledge of the alphabet. She then realized there were other postcards in the basket and started going through the rest. Fern is still posing conspicuously.

10:42 AM: There were so many that she decided to turn the basket upside down and bang it on the table to remove the rest. This scared Fern off the table.

10:43 AM: She found one of a toucan that she really liked.

And that’s real life. I wanted a sweet picture of Hannah gazing dreamily at mountain landscapes. Instead, I have a diva cat, crossword puzzles, and a toucan.


1 thought on “Real life photography

  1. Love it :) Can’t wait to see you guys in ‘Rado’ – maybe we’ll get the kiddos to look dreamily at the mountains while here. One can hope.

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