Tutu time

Last week, my super-talented photographer friend Kay invited Hannah to be a part of a special shoot she was doing featuring fantastically fluffy tutus!  These handmade tutus are by TamTam’s Tutus – if you’re not familiar with Etsy, you should be!  Hannah had fun at the shoot with all the other girls and the fun props.

She’s modeling the layered accessory look.  Then off to a tea party with Lilly.

My mom had her camera along and took these pictures, and Kay posted some of the official ones on her blog (including a super cute one of Hannah on her tip-toes).  Speaking of Kay’s blog, you should head over there today because she’s having a tutu giveaway!  After the shoot, we bought the one Hannah had been modeling, and she loves to wear it around the house.  Perfect for any girl!

A fun day thanks to Kay Harmon Photography and TamTam’s Tutus.

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