Freezer cooking weekend

I don’t have the time or stamina to do a whole freezer cooking day like some people. So when I decided to re-stock the freezer, I gave myself a more flexible time frame. I made a list of things I wanted to make and bought all the ingredients. Then I started last Friday and just cooked whenever I had time. (and Brett grilled some chicken in the cold) It took four days to get to everything on my list, but now it’s done!


Back, left to right: cheesy chicken enchiladas x4, cinnamon rolls x5, “Lawnmower Taco” casserole x2, chicken divan with cheddar crust x2, granola x2
Front, left to right: “refried” beans x4, shredded chicken and sliced grilled chicken

I recently got a new freezer cooking cookbook, and the enchiladas, taco casserole and chicken divan recipes are all from there. The cinnamon rolls are from The Pioneer Woman and the granola is based on my mom’s recipe. All budget-friendly, “real food” recipes.

So that’s at least 18 meals plus beans and chicken for many more. The only problem now: where to put all this food. I need some freezer organization help. I really don’t know how this is going to fit. And did I mention we’re getting 1/8 of a grass-fed cow next week? Yeah, 1/8 sounds like a small fraction, but that’s going to end up being around 50 lbs of meat!

If you’re a freezer organizer extraordinaire, please come to my house. I’ll send you home with food or beef.

2 thoughts on “Freezer cooking weekend

  1. I eventually learned to group similar items in containers or areas in the freezer. Made for less waste as all of the cheese (or whatever) was together rather than scattered. Dating all containers helps ensure that things get cycled properly or used up in a timely way. I also learned to keep a list of what was in the freezer so I didn’t spend money duplicating what I already had on hand!

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