No yoga pants: 7 days of mom clothes

I get dressed. Every day.

I see posts from stay-at-home moms proclaiming a frequent wardrobe of yoga pants and practically pajamas. This might come across as if I have a wardrobe of judgy-pants, but I honestly believe this is a downer for them, a bummer for their husbands, a bad example for their kids and a negative image of motherhood. I am thankful and proud to be a wife and mother, and I think it is important to express that through my appearance. It sends a positive message to my kids and the general public and honors my husband.

There are many things I could wear that would successfully fulfill the basic task of covering my body. But what I wear affects my mood and my motivation for the day. A blogger I read, Anne from The Modern Mrs. Darcy, talked about reevaluating her wardrobe choices in her post Dressing for the Ordinary Days.

I wasn’t dressed like I was ready to take on the world; I was dressed to get by. I want to do better than just get by.

There are certainly brief seasons where we may truly just be getting by, especially before or after a baby, but I don’t think this should be a habit or regular occurrence. As a mom, I often feel tired or overwhelmed, but taking the time to get dressed and put on makeup every day doesn’t make me more tired, it actually has the opposite effect.

The SAHM life offers some flexibility, and my friend Meghan pointed out the benefit of dressing for whatever the day could hold. “I like to get myself (and the kids) dressed everyday even when I know I’m not leaving the house,” she said. “It’s nice to know I’m nearly ready to go if a friend randomly calls and wants to meet up at the park.”

Ready to take on the world, not just getting by.

So for the sake of transparency, and just for fun, I got pictures of my outfits for a week. These are hardly fashion plates, they were all taken on my phone either by Brett or as selfies. Yeah, real fancy. But it ended up being a pretty accurate reflection of what I wear all the time. I didn’t style myself any differently this week, these are my normal clothes. And posing is awkward for me. So here goes… A week of mom clothes with my daily activities.



  • Preschool drop-off and pick-up
  • Physical therapy appointment for Violet
  • Built a rocket ship out of a cardboard box

Outfit – shirt: LOFT, jeans: Kohls, shoes: Toms, necklace: KraftyKash


If you are wondering if that is a classy selfie in a church bathroom, the answer is yes.

  • MOPS, wearing steering team apron
  • My Gym, I did “active play” with Violet while Hannah had a class

Outfit 1 – shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Target, shoes: Kohls
Outfit 2 – shirt: Sari Bari, jeans: Kohls



Did I mention posing is awkward?

  • Consignment sale
  • Played outside
  • Hannah’s ballet class
  • Got summer clothes out of the attic

Outfit – shirt: Altar’d State, cardigan: GAP, jeans: Target


Not a normal Saturday, gone all day.

  • Church women’s retreat
  • Borrowed a baby when I missed mine

Outfit – shirt: LOFT, cardigan: Target, jeans: Target, necklace: Noonday Collection, boots: Steve Madden from Altar’d State, baby: Meghan’s


I love boots.

  • Church
  • Cleaned out garage (put on a t-shirt and jeans for the afternoon and forgot to take a picture)

Outfit – dress: Target, bracelet: Noonday Collection


Finally nice weather so I can wear skirts again.

  • Running group (in running clothes)
  • Preschool pick-up
  • Played outside
  • Grocery store

Outfit – shirt: Target, skirt: Maurice’s, shoes: Chacos from REI


Clearly did not finish strong with the outfit photography, oh well.

  • Adoption conference recap meeting
  • Lunch with MOPS friends at Chick-fil-a
  • Appointment at Hannah’s Hair Salon specializing in excessive bows (I love having girls!)

Outfit – shirt: LOFT, jeans: Target, shoes: Toms

I am not a fashionista, I like to be comfortable. Please don’t look to me for style advice, this is just to show the possibilities and advantages of wearing real clothes. Most of these outfits are not any more work to put on than an old tshirt and yoga pants. (If you’d like some inspiration and practical tips to get in the habit of getting dressed, check out From Frumps to Pumps by Sarah Mae) I don’t think it’s vain or frivolous to spend a couple minutes each day on presenting yourself well. Even if you’re only presenting yourself to your husband and your kids, they’re worth it!

And every time you look down or glance in the mirror, you’ll think, “She’s not just getting by, she’s ready to take on the world!” Or at least that mountain of laundry…

6 thoughts on “No yoga pants: 7 days of mom clothes

  1. You look great! Love your Texas style infusions :). I’m good at putting on jeans and doing hair/make up…but I tend to like hoodie on inside days. I do miss dressing up for work everyday a little though! Oh and heels (which I used to run through airports in) are a thing if the past!! I am getting the shopping bug though as we get closer to Spring.

  2. Love your boots and Hannah’s hair salon! Well, I was wearing yoga pants when I read your blog last night! At least, I wore a sweater, pencil skirt, and boots earlier in the day :)

  3. I love this! Thankfully Hubs doens’t mind the workout clothes I usually live in, but I feel like I’m having a “normal” clothes crisis! Shopping and spending money is stressful…but I’m determined to figure it out! I agree that the whole house feels a little better when everyone is dressed. Just adding a necklace and some lip gloss goes on a long way.

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