December Day 16: Mommy gets out

December 16: Tonight was the MOPS steering team Christmas party. Pajama party with white elephant gift exchange – so fun! I am so thankful for the awesome ladies on this team. I have never been part of a group where everyone is so capable, responsible, creative, hard-working and fun to be around. There is no weak link.
When I put on my pajamas to leave the house, Hannah was quite confused. Then she got really excited at the idea of a pajama party. I tried to drive really carefully, because I did not want to get in an accident or be pulled over while wearing my pajamas!
My fabulous white elephant prize…

Redneck stemware! And a bonus bellybutton lint brush. Score! And some fuzzy socks from our sweet mentor mom.
Brett got his magic neck shot at the doctor today, so he should be feeling much better. Since he took care of the monkeys while I was out partying tonight, I’ll let him drink out of my new fancy cup if he wants. ;)

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