December Day 15: Still recuperating

December 15: We stayed home from church today, so I didn’t try my pre-selected outfit plan. No one was back to 100%, and the stomach flu is going around. So we opted to take an extra recuperation day and try not to catch the barf bug. Though Hannah will be back to preschool, aka germland, tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.
I got a gluten-free cookie mix at HEB, and we whipped that up this afternoon. We’ve been eating cookies in secret because we feel bad that Violet can’t have them. I really don’t want to buy all the different flours and stuff needed for gluten-free baking, so my strategy has been to get mixes and make a bunch then freeze them to pull out single servings when needed. I’ve done this for pancakes, mini muffins and now cookies.

You can see Violet was soooo tired, but she was chowing down that cookie! It made her incredibly happy to have a “tootay.” Now there’s a whole bag-ful in the freezer for whenever. :)

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