December Day 13: Friday the 13th

December 13: Boy oh boy. It’s been a day.
Brett was up last night with multiple headaches. He had put off calling the headache doctor for his magic neck shot all week. So he called this morning and found out the doctor’s office is closed on Fridays. Boo for procrastination. Luckily, he had taken today off as a random vacation day anyway, and some coffee and extra rest perked him back up.
One of his projects today was getting a leaky tire repaired. Of course, since it’s our unlucky day, the leak was not repairable, the tires were discontinued, and Brett was on an adventure to the Toyota dealership for new ones. Expensive ones, of course, but very good ones.
Hannah had some misadventures in natural consequences. Such as, if you tick off the cat, she might give you a deep bloody scratch along your cheek. And if you mess around with your chair instead of sitting on it at dinner, you might accidentally drop it on your foot and have a little purple lump forming.
On a positive note, she did make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a snack. She asked first and didn’t make near the mess I expected.

Violet still has the crummy cold and was doing better this morning but crashed after lunch. I didn’t have anything particularly unlucky happen to me personally, but I did get to deal with everyone else. And I have several errands I need to run, but I plan to spend the evening quietly at home instead. Just to be safe.
Even an unlucky day in our house makes me thankful for all we have. Chickfila was having a cookie fundraiser for Hope for Orphans, and we like cookies and supporting orphans so we took part. We talked to Hannah about what orphans are.

Me: An orphan is a kid who doesn’t have a mommy and daddy.
H: So they just take care of themselves?
Me: Sometimes they have to. Or someone else takes care of them. How would you feel if you didn’t have any parents? Would you feel sad and lonely?
H: I would be a little sad, but I wouldn’t be lonely because I would have Violet. I would take care of her, and we would be okay because we would be together.

Sister love.


Anyone else have a rough Friday the 13?

2 thoughts on “December Day 13: Friday the 13th

  1. I had a good day yesterday! Sorry that the mishaps seem to have landed on your doorstep. “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, yet?” – Anne of Green Gables. One of the best book quotes.

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