December Day 12: On the mend

December 12: Everyone woke up feeling much better today. I think it’s easier with them both sick at the same time. It’s double the clingy and cranky girls, but it works well for everyone to take it easy, and I can pour two doses of medicine as easily as one.
At the beginning, I made no promises of excitement, and this post delivers none. So there.
Violet has been eating Rice Chex for breakfast as a gluten-free cereal. We ran out, so I picked these up at Trader Joe’s since I happened to be there.

Violet thinks these are hilarious and kept giggling and waving at the gorilla during breakfast. Much more fun than the Rice Chex box.
There was a morning train.

This afternoon, we went to Costco to pick up our Christmas card order and a rotisserie chicken for dinner. Best deal ever, $5 for a giant chicken. I made a broccoli/potato/cheese soup out of leftovers to go with it. Cheap and easy. Anyway, Hannah found a display recliner for kids.

She also played for quite a while in a pretty cool display playhouse with another little girl. And there were some samples. Good times at Costco.

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