Through these eyes

Some of my readers have small kids, so conversations like these happen every day. But for my readers who haven’t been around 3-yr-olds on a daily basis for a while, I thought I’d share some things Hannah has said that make me think about things.
In one of our Texas books, there is a picture of bull riding at a rodeo. Hannah was confused about this, so I did what any great parent does to explain things: I found a YouTube video.
When the rider was bucked to the ground, Hannah exclaimed, “Oh good! He got off!” I tried to explain that the rider actually wanted to stay on. She wasn’t buying it, “He really wants to get off.” It made sense. In her eyes, why would anyone want to stay on a violently jumping cow? Good point.
We have a laundry basket with rubber handles on three sides, so it can be carried with two hands or one hand and a hip. Hannah was studying it intently and asked, “Why does it have three handles? We only have two hands.”

Hannah is quite perceptive and thinks deeply about things. We were discussing actions and consequences and explaining that even adults got consequences for bad choices. She asked for examples, so we mentioned paying money, having stuff taken away or going to jail. After thinking a while, she asked, “Who takes care of the babies and kids while the grown-ups are in jail?”
The number of questions is staggering. Some lately have been tricky to answer or just amusing:
What is a cousin?
What does it mean to be dead?
Why do I have to wear pants outside?
Why can’t Violet walk? I put shoes on her.
Is five minutes a long time or a short time?
What is a seizure?
Why do you drink Coke if it’s not healthy?
Do monkeys have daddies?
When you eat ice cream does it make Violet’s milk cold?
Here’s a fun picture she drew for Aunt Kristen.

Life to a 3-year-old is full of new ideas and experiences, and it’s fun to be along with her for the adventure.

3 thoughts on “Through these eyes

  1. How funny! It is hard to answer some of those questions. We didn’t have You Tube 30 years ago. We were forced to come up with logical answers!

  2. Possibly my favorite post ever! Love the one about ice cream making your milk cold…ha ha ha! Just when you think they understand…

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