Food photo fails

When I post recipes on the blog, it’s fun to play food-stylist and create an appetizing picture. However, sometimes a dish just doesn’t work for the camera, no matter how delicious it may be. So some yummy recipes don’t get posted. A few examples:
Instead of meatloaves, I like to make “meat muffins,” often with spinach or other vegetables in the mix. They are tasty and always a hit with Hannah, but they don’t look particularly appealing in a picture. I’ve tried shooting a couple different meals.


Another meal whose picture did not live up to its tastiness was creamy (and dairy-free!) chicken and leeks on rice.

The taste was yum but the photo was blah. But more color doesn’t guarantee an appetizing photo. Check out my black bean cakes on polenta with a roasted tomato and green chile sauce.

This was a Diana original recipe, and it was delicious. Brett was disappointed to hear we didn’t have any leftovers the next day. But, it turns out black bean cakes are just not appealing on camera.
I’ll leave you with a good picture. We got these beets in our CSA basket. I forget what the variety was called, but they were gorgeous!


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