If Mother’s Day is hard

I’ve had a couple rough Mother’s Days. My first one was when we were waiting for an adoption placement. It was hard wanting to be a mother so badly, but having no idea about the timing. Another rough Mother’s Day was just a few weeks after our miscarriage.
I can think of a lot of reasons this holiday can be hard. Some women going through infertility, some grieving a loss of a mother or child, some with bad relationships with a mother or child. I also think of birthmothers who chose adoption; they gave someone else the gift of motherhood and their own role may not be acknowledged or even known by others.
So if Mother’s Day stinks for you, I’m sorry. I’ve had a couple rough holidays, but I know for others it is many more. Virtual hugs to you; you are not forgotten!
I’ll be calling my mom, hugging my girls, thanking Hannah’s birthmother and thinking of my baby in Heaven. This is not a holiday I take for granted.


1 thought on “If Mother’s Day is hard

  1. Aw Diana, this is so dear of you. I was thinking of my sweet neighbor who was never able to have children. That was almost me too. It can be a tough time for some women for sure! So sensitive and kind of you to acknowledge this!

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