First night out (post-baby)

Alternate title: my friends are way cooler than me
I haven’t had a “girls’ night out” in a really long time. So despite my introvert self, when I received an invitation to a local brand launch party and fashion show, I replied YES. It’s so rare that I do something like this that I felt it deserved a blog post.
It’s Austin Fashion Week (I didn’t even know we had a fashion week until I received this invitation, that’s how unfashionable I am). Some local boutiques partnered to host a fashion show of a new brand, Tshirt & Jeans Girl, with proceeds benefitting the nonprofit Dress for Success. This organization provides resumé consulting and a professional outfit to low-income women for interviews. Then after they have been hired, they continue with job coaching and more donations of appropriate wardrobe items for their working environment. Really neat!
For my night out, I donned a tshirt and jeans, of course, and left Brett to put the kiddos to bed (which went smoothly, yay!). I thought I’d try a selfie in the car since I was trying to be cool. Do cool people even say cool?

I enjoyed drinks and appetizers with some of my friends from Bible study. Yeah, Bible study; there’s me dropping my coolness again. ;)

Then a couple of my other friends were in the fashion show. Great ideas for rockin’ a tshirt. I think I need some boots.

This stylish girl sent me the invite. We met while working with the youth at church several years ago.

This is my friend Amanda of Vagabond Photography, and she does the photography and design for belts carried by the Tshirt & Jeans Girl brand. The sunflower one is my favorite; I’ve still got some Kansas in me. ;)
I did a little shopping after the fashion show, and my wardrobe is now a little more stylish with a knit maxi skirt and a Texas tee. I’m sure you’ll see me wearing both a lot.
The night wrapped with more good food and good friends under a stunning live oak tree, too dark to get pictures. A fantastic evening – tshirts, jeans, wine, bacon, goat cheese – with conversation mourning our sleep and raving about roasted brussels sprouts.

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