Style by H

It’s a good thing three-year-olds are funny. It helps balance the careless breaking, tantrums, sassy pants, etc. There are certainly some fun sides to three, and at our house they involve Hannah’s love to talk and her love of clothes.
I let her dress herself pretty much every day except Sunday. I try to only step in when there is a weather or modesty-related issue. Like “It’s 40 degrees, you can’t wear shorts outside.” or “Tights are different from pants, you can’t wear them by themselves.” But I don’t think it’s a big deal what matches or doesn’t, or restrict rainboot wearing to actual rainy days (that would be almost never here).
Her wardrobe options are fairly easy to put together, so usually it’s not necessarily noticeable that she picked out her own clothes. But sometimes it’s clearly Hannah style.
Here are a couple memorable outfits:



Do I feel a little twinge when the little girl in the cart next to us at the grocery store has cute shoes, coordinated jeans, shirt and cardigan with a matching headband? Yep. But my kid is clean and creative, and today that’s good enough for me.

5 thoughts on “Style by H

  1. You’re a good mom! She is too cute in her outfits. We have a funny one of Andrew in clashing plaid shorts and polo…Laura and I made him change but I don’t think my mom cared :). I remember my mom letting me wear shorts with a bright fruit print (I sewed them) and a puffy painted T shirt that said something about God loving the world- I was so proud of my work and thought I looked great. Which at the end of the day is all that really matters about clothes I suppose-whether they make you feel good :)

    • Boys would be easy! Almost anything they would come up with would look fine. But maybe boys don’t even care; some boys this age I know can’t physically dress themselves, not for lack of motor skills, just because it’s not high priority. ;)

  2. Some boys struggle with fashion sense for a while. Diana and Kristen were relieved when Michael went to Veritas in 6th grade and they had a dress code. Blue or khaki pants and one of several colors of polo shirts. Not much could go wrong, though the girls did instruct him not to wear the navy polo with the navy pants. Michael came through it just fine and is a sharply dressed guy these days.

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