Ordinary life updates

A few random updates:
– Violet measured at 15.5 lbs and 24.5 inches at her 4m appointment. She’s been having a little diaper trouble, so….
– I’m off dairy. Cow milk protein sensitivity is not uncommon in babies, so this isn’t anything concerning or necessarily permanent. I’m thankful I have a large recipe repertoire, so eliminating cheesy dishes won’t be too stressful from a cooking perspective. I’m really going to miss cheese and ice cream, but a healthy baby is worth it! But, wow, there is dairy hidden in a lot of products, so I will be doing a lot of label-reading for a while.
– We’ve had a string of breakages. The rice cooker, mixer, printer and garage door have all busted in the last two weeks. We are currently down to one car because my van is trapped in the garage. Hopefully, a guy can come fix it tomorrow.
– Funny Hannah moments:
*Today at Whole Foods she told me, “That guy has decorated arms!” Tattoos.
*We were talking about places we’d like to visit and mentioned the Grand Canyon. We told Hannah it was very far away. “Why?” Because God put it there. “Then he should move it closer.” We told her to take that up with the Big Guy during bedtime prayers. Faith like a mustard seed can move canyons?
– At the moment, we’re settling down for the Downton Abbey season finale. We’ve got tea, English muffins and red wine. Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Ordinary life updates

  1. You are such an encouragement to me! I’m in awe of your confidence and grace and I pray that I could be calm like you. When Colin started having diaper issues I beyond freaked out and when it came time to switch my diet, I froze. I love, love, love how you trust that it is just a season and know that you can handle anything that comes your way. Thank you for encouraging me in what seems like just simple every day things.
    p.s. wasn’t the finale of Downton so heart wrenching?! I couldn’t sleep after the ending!

    • Thank you. :) I hope to do a whole post on the non-dairy transition in a couple weeks when I have some more things figured out.
      Downton downer for sure. It’s going to seem so long until the next season.

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