Family of four

I’m pretty sure everyone who reads my blog already knows this, but for the sake of official-ness (and in case I have any surprise lurkers out there) – baby Violet is here! She was born on Monday the 8th, 8 lbs 11 oz. Our doula wrote an amazing birth story, and I hope to share it on here or do one of my own.
In brief, until this point I have had absolutely zero physical accomplishments to my name. No trophies, no 5K’s, it’s just not my thing. But to say I gave birth to this amazing little person naturally, feeling and doing everything to bring her into the world… I feel pretty good about that.


My mom went home after keeping the house running for eight days, and we are now finding our feet as a family of four. I’m ridiculously tired but made it to MOPS today!
We are so thankful for our little blessing Violet. Life on Olive Street just got a little busier.

2 thoughts on “Family of four

  1. You not only have a right to feel “pretty good” about your accomplishment; you have the right to feel- Proud! Ecstatic! Wonderful! Fabulous! Powerful! Joyful! Delighted! Rapturous! Blissful! Gleeful! Overjoyed! Elated! Jubilant!

  2. I had a fun time in Austin being with the family! Violet is a very easy-going and relaxed baby, which makes the adjustment much smoother. Hannah is delighted with her new sister and is eager to try to find ways to be a helper. Unfortunately, Violet’s not interested in toys or entertainment quite yet. Nursing, sleeping and snuggling are her main activities currently.

    We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Thanksgiving!

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