Halfway through

20 weeks! Woohoo! We had an appointment and ultrasound this week. They said everything looked good. Here are a few shots.

This is looking “up” at the underside of her arm and hand. Her belly is on the left, and you might be able to see her chin and nose to the right of that.

When the technician was trying to look at her face, Baby Girl pulled this move:

Yep, those are her arms up in front of her face. I guess she was being camera-shy, silly alien skeleton baby. :) Both the ultrasound tech and the midwife commented on her great fingers.

Here’s a baby bump pic for your curiosity. It was taken right after I got home from ballet class, so that’s why I look tired and am dressed weird.

Definitely looking and feeling pregnant now. And this Baby Girl seems to like to move a lot. Her feet are already an inch and a half long, and I’m feeling them. :)

20 weeks to go!

5 thoughts on “Halfway through

  1. Yay!!!! Baby bump pic! You look great and I love seeing her poke out. It’s so cool to feel her kick isn’t it?! Although this week I’ve had some rib kicks that were kinda rough :). I love that she put her hands by her face….maybe she will be a great pianist like her Gma Jordan!

  2. You do look awesome. Such a cute baby bump. I love ultrasound pics nothing as sweet to see your beautiful unborn baby.

  3. Very exciting! Thanks for sharing all the photos, including one of you.

    We printed the blog entry and showed everything to Great Grandma Carolyn. She was interested to learn the new term “baby bump”.

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