CSA box #2

This week we got beets, carrots, fennel, kohlrabi, onions, basil, kale, chard and a salad mix. Two of these were completely new to me: fennel and kohlrabi. I’ve heard fennel tastes like licorice, and I’m not a licorice fan, so I was not optimistic. And kohlrabi? What the heck?

Luckily, our CSA provider posts a lot of recipes for the weekly ingredients, and I found one for Roasted Root Veggies that used the beets, carrots, fennel, kohlrabi and onions. I modified it slightly and ended up burning the beets. Oooops. Anyway, the finished product was pretty tasty (once you took all the beets out).

Someone snuck her finger in the picture, silly girl. I’m not sure how I feel about kohlrabi. It’s rather bland-tasting, but some of the pieces had a very woody texture that was inedible. I’m not sure if we got a weird one or if some are just like that. The fennel was not as bad as I expected; with the other vegetables it added some good flavor. Hannah just picked out the carrots and declared they were tasty.

The chard went into a Crustless Chard Quiche (sans bacon). I served it with the salad mix. This was probably Brett’s favorite of the week, and I’ll definitely be making it again! Hannah ate a few bites.

Also on the menu this week was a creamy basil-tomato soup (made-up recipe). Neither Brett nor I really like tomato soup, but we liked this!

Immersion blender = love! I used the basil in this obviously and also snuck in some kale for a nutrition boost. Hannah liked this, too.

Some CSA onions and carrots went into this Crockpot Coconut Chicken Curry. I followed the advise of another blogger and only used half the chicken and subbed potatoes and carrots to up the veggie factor – more economical and actually more authentic. I didn’t get a picture of this, but it was really tasty. The adventures continue!

3 thoughts on “CSA box #2

  1. I have a tasty Italian vegetable soup recipe that uses thinly sliced fennel, and it is delicious.

    I have no experience with kohlrabi, but Karen Pendleton says it should have a flavor similar to cauliflower.

  2. Apparently, Uncle Steve & Aunt Mia’s dog loves kohlrabi so you can always make it into treats for the pooches if all else fails.

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