Saying the darndest…

Some of our recent conversations were just too funny not to share.

I showed Hannah a picture of the baby’s development this week. A few weeks ago, she pronounced it a fish, she had a different take this week:

  • Hannah: It’s a duck!
  • Me: No, it’s a baby.
  • Hannah: It’s a baby duck!


We were reading the Easter story, and when we got to the picture of Jesus on the cross, Hannah interjected, “He needs a new shirt.” Good thing we’ve got some time to get the real point of the story across.


When Brett came home from work, Hannah took his travel coffee cup:

  • Hannah: I take coffee and go to work.
  • Brett: Where do you work?
  • Hannah: At Daddy’s office.
  • Brett: What do you do there?
  • Hannah: I eat granola bars and lemonade. (her special treats when she goes there)
  • Brett: What will you do after that?
  • Hannah: I do a project.
  • Brett: What kind of project?
  • Hannah: (thinks a minute) A big project.

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