New shoes, chicken and a surprise

Last year, I found some great, tough, water-resistent sandals at Old Navy for Hannah to wear all summer. As the weather is getting warmer, I’ve been on the hunt lately for something similar for this year. My criteria: does not require socks, breathable, water-resistant, has toe protection, and of course cute. I decided to look into the Keen kids’ sandals, and – happy day! – the REI 20% off Member’s Coupon arrived in my inbox this morning.

These things are tough! We ended up getting size 10 to give plenty of growing room. With Texas weather (and if her feet don’t grow too much), she’ll be wearing these through October.

Shoe shopping with Hannah is challenging. She LOVES to try on shoes, but the waiting and focusing can be difficult. Since REI is only a few blocks from Brett’s office, I enlisted his help for this particular mission. He was able to keep her contained while I waited on sizes from the shoe guy. Hannah loved the fake boulder they have in the shoe department for “testing.”

So after a successful shoe stop, it was lunch time, and I decided to swing by Chick-fil-A on the way home. As we waited in the drive-thru line to order, Hannah asked me to roll her window down. I obliged. She leaned her head toward the open window and said, “I’d like some nuggets aaaaand some lemonade aaaaand some chicken, please.”

In the afternoon, we got some surprise excitement – a box in the mail! I said to Hannah, “We’ll have to open it. I don’t know what it is.” She answered, “It’s a box!” Oh yeah, thanks, Hannah.

It was a half-birthday present from Aunt Kristen, and it turned into a little project. The box was full of filled balloons with the instructions to pop the balloons for a surprise. Hannah could shake the balloons and hear something inside.

So we popped the balloons and found stickers! And there were more balloons to blow up and play with. What a fun Friday!

5 thoughts on “New shoes, chicken and a surprise

  1. Yay! Wow – she wears a 10?!? Finn is just now fitting into size 7s!!! Love keens, though – Joel and I each have a pair, maybe I’ll look at some for Finn, but his feet are so fat I don’t know if they’d fit :(

    Love the balloons!!! Go Aunt Kristen!!!

    • She’s also 37 inches tall which is probably a bit more than Finn – but they are a little big so hopefully she’ll have some good growth room.

  2. My granddaughter had pink shoes on like that today. She wears them all the time! I think she may have even been wearing them last fall.

  3. The shoes look great. Maybe you gave me an idea for my REI coupon, except I need two coupons! Love the surprise! Way to go Aunt Kristen!!

  4. I love that she wanted to place her own order!! Super cute! Remember the first time you and I drove through a fast food place?! Didn’t we mess up and have to do it again, lol :) Hannah will clearly do better!

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