Dinner tonight: Brussels sprouts hash

It’s finally brussels sprouts season again! I know, “brussels sprouts” looks weird, but that’s the proper spelling. I usually just say it as one word to be correct while also not sounding weird – brusselsprouts. Anyway, we are seriously excited. We just like the way they taste, and they’re a great source of Vitamin C and other good stuff.

We hadn’t seen any at the farmer’s market yet, so I went ahead a picked up a big bag at Costco for a great price. I roasted half and went looking for a new recipe for the other half. The Hashed Brussels Sprouts with Lemon at Simply Recipes gave me an idea. “Hash” seems like a great way to use up all kinds of random things. I happened to have some potatoes and bacon – sounded like a good combo.

So here’s my brussels sprouts, potato and bacon hash. I started by cooking 4 sliced strips of bacon then removed them, leaving the yummy bacon drippings in the pan. Then I shredded 2 small (unpeeled) potatoes and started cooking them in the delicious bacon juice. I finely sliced 1 lb. brussels sprouts and tossed them in with the potatoes. I added a little salt and pepper and just waited for them to all be cooked through. Before serving, I sprinkled in the bacon. We ate the whole pan. No kidding.

If you are convinced you don’t like brussels sprouts, try something new with them. This hash was delicious (of course, cooked in bacon!), but I also highly recommend roasting them. There are lots of recipes online, so do a search, find one you’re comfortable with, and give it a shot! And with the winter crud starting, we could all use a little extra Vitamin C.

Here’s Hannah helping me wash the potatoes.

2 thoughts on “Dinner tonight: Brussels sprouts hash

  1. Oh my that looks delicious!!! I am going to have to try this!!! I love brussels sprouts and am always wanting to find good ways to cook them – and cooked in bacon sounds awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this :)

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