Christmas links

Bloggers are in the Christmas spirit. Here are a few of my favorite posts lately. I wish I knew how to put pictures to go with the links, so you’ll just have to trust me this is some good stuff:

The Christmas Conundrum – Jen Hatmaker (includes some of the reasons we don’t do Santa as a family)

The 5 best toys of all time – GeekDad (were you lucky enough to have any of these?)

Christmas crafts:

Mason jar snow globes – Glittered Nest

Glittery ornaments – Cutting Back Kitchen

Handmade gift ideas – Keeper of the Home

Yummy food:

Jalapeño bacon stuffed mushrooms – The Pioneer Woman

Pumpkin scones – Raising Homemakers

Easy holiday dishes – Generation Cedar

Cranberry orange muffins – Frontier Kitchen

Chocolate gooey butter cookies – Paula Deen (this isn’t necessarily a Christmas recipe, but I made it for a cookie exchange last week, and YUM!)

2 thoughts on “Christmas links

  1. The first link/post is exactly why we don’t do Christmas the way of the world. And I loved how they do gifts for the kids, that is how we do it I just had no’t put it into words. Essentially I get them 2 toys, a few pieces of clothing (they need) and they always get a new book. This year we took the boys to shop for the family our class at church adopted and had them pick out stuff for the boy who was their age. I hope and pray everyday that our kids will grow up with an understanding of the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
    Oh and I make the chocolate gooey butter cookies all the time and I never bring any home when I make them. GREAT stuff.

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