Mystery box

One of the resources we have found lately is Vision Forum. They have a variety of products that line up with our values of family and faith, and since they’re right down the road in San Antonio, shipping is fast.

One of their fun offerings is the Daily Deal. Each day one of their products is offered at 40-50% off. Last week, they were doing some clearance clean-out and offered a Mystery Box as the Daily Deal. For $30, you could get a box of items worth $100 retail. The catch – you don’t know what you’re getting! Vision Forum sells everything from Christian books to gardening kits to hatchets to classical music to handwriting curriculums, so any combination of things they chose to toss in a box was possible. I couldn’t resist the Mystery Box (and I had a $10 off coupon!) so with a few clicks, a box of unknown items was on its way to our doorstep.

What fun! We knew it would be unlikely that every item enclosed would be applicable or interesting, but we knew it would be a bargain nonetheless, especially including the entertainment value of ordering mysterious things online.

We opened it as soon as it arrived. Our Mystery Box contents: a book on Puritans, a book for stay-at-home moms, a book of short stories for girls, a political adventure novel, a historically styled girl’s nightgown and a butterfly garden.

We calculated, and it is indeed a retail value of $100. I am excited about most of the books. The adventure novel teaser mentions something about a senator and a lady in a coma which sounds kind of corny to me. The nightgown is way too big for Hannah, but it will find its way into the dress up box. I’m really excited about the butterfly garden. We had those when I was teaching preschool, and the kids thought it was amazing.

So that was our random fun for the week. :)

There are lots of sales and blog giveaways going on for Vision Forum for Black Friday, so check them out if you have the chance:

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1 thought on “Mystery box

  1. Oh yes, the butterfly gardens are VERY fun! Hannah will really enjoy that!! :) We’ve gotten them at Costco in years past … Happy Thanskgiving to your sweet family!

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